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UKAS Calibration Services – NEW 2-3 Year Options Available

Following customer feedback, we are delighted to announce our new range of Calibration Service Packages. These offers are available to both new and existing customers, and have been carefully designed to meet your service requirements.


The three packages available are: Precisa Prevent, Precisa Protect, and Precisa Protect Plus. Included in the ranges of offers are:

  • Priority over non-contract customers/repairs for calibration and service work
  • Fixed unit price for 3 years (when you take out a 3-year contract)
  • Up to 30% discount on spare parts
  • Up to 2 free call-out visits per annum, and more.


Pick the package best suited to meet your requirements to receive brilliant priority services.


Service OptionDescriptionPaperwork
1Service Only/ Clean and CalibrationService Report
2IS As FoundService Report and ISO Certificate
3ISO Post-ServiceService Report and ISO Certificate
4ISO as Found and Post-serviceService Report and ISO Certificate
5UKAS AS FoundService Report and UKAS Certificate
6UKAS Post-serviceService Report and UKAS Certificate
7UKAS as Found and Post-serviceService Report and UKAS Certificate
Additional Services
Checkweight CalibrationService Report and Checkweight Certificate
Minimum Weight CheckService Report and Certificate
Workshop CalibrationService Report and Calibration Certificate
Remedial Work on-site; min 2 hoursService Report
Workshop RepairService Report
Telephone SupportN/A
Specialist Services
Moisture AnalyserTemperature and mass calibration
PrepAshTemperature and mass calibration

For further information on our complete service offering download our information sheet, or learn more about our UKAS Calibration Services.


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If you would like a quote or further information about our UKAS Calibration Service Package, please contact us and arrange an appointment. We look forward to being of assistance.