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UKAS Balance Calibration and Weighing Scale Calibration Services

The Importance of Balance Calibration

At Precisa, we understand the high importance of balance calibration in order to maintain the cutting-edge performance, reliability and precision that our products provide.

What is Balance Calibration?

It is known that all cars need to be regularly maintained and periodically assessed for road worthiness. This is for the safety of the driver, other road users and means that the car is more likely to last longer as issues are identified early. Many people fail to realise that measuring instruments also need regular check-ups in order to operate to their full potential. Just like cars, regular wear and tear of balances means that their reliability can diminish and inaccurate readings can occur. Humidity, barometric pressure, seasonal temperature changes and gravitational acceleration can cause inaccuracies over time which could lead to an incorrect balance reading.

This means that balances can only be accurate for a certain period of time. Time induced changes in measurements are inevitable, however they can be controlled by being corrected in a timely manner through weighing scale and balance calibration services.

Calibration is defined as an association between measurements and is essential to achieve accurate weighing results. Calibration of balances is carried out to ensure that they are correctly displaying the correct measurement according to their countries standards. Standards vary from country to country and frequency of weighing scale calibration services varies from industry to industry, depending on requirements.

Why do you need UKAS Scale and Balance Calibration Services?

If a company neglects to calibrate their balances and scales, measurements become guesswork and the company runs the risk of being negligent. Balance Calibration is essential for a number of reasons;

  • Inferior products may be sent to your customer which may damage reputation, endanger the customer and incur large costs to recall the product.
  • Ensures adherence to countries standards and avoidance of fines, loss of business etc.
  • Reduces costs from manufacturing errors
  • Quality assurance is ensured as companies can get certified in calibration so they obtain an official accreditation by a regulatory body which shows processes are kept safe.
  • Identification of aging equipment so that it can be replaced.
  • Calibrating your scales may reduce the amount of end products that are rejected as a result of being outside accepted tolerances.

Let us Help with your Balance Calibration

If you are interested in our UKAS credited calibration, please view our range of services and not hesitate to get in touch as we look forward to being of assistance.