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    Series 520 PT Balances

    Series 520 PT Analytical and Precision Balances

    Swiss idea, Swiss development, Swiss production. With over 40 years of knowledge and experience, Precisa Gravimetrics AG has developed one of the most important innovations in weighing technology in recent years; The Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell.

    This advanced technology combines accurate, repeatable results with modern aesthetics within an easy to use interface. The innovative 520 series delivers an economical and sustainable solution perfect for all precision weighing applications.

    Both the PT and the PB feature the new Precisa PHASTbloc™ weighing cell and have a robust & durable design suitable for an extensive range of applications. With USB connectivity as standard, the 520 series allows easy transfer of data. The PT range has a large touch screen, electronic levelling and stores an integrated audit trail, perfect for use with GLP/GMP quality systems for full traceability.

    The Smart Balance

    With a 6.4” touch control screen, this is the largest in its class!

    In diverse working environments such as laboratories, research and development, where flexibility and individual user solutions are required, the Model 520 PT reveals its full potential. The high-resolution touch screen improves visualisation and allows intuitive operation. With customisable menu displays, the 520 PT offers the highest degree of flexibility, safety and user-friendliness.

    Six large fixed keys for the most common operating functions – on/off switch, tare, printing, user and application selection – allow the user to optimise operation without reducing the display area.

    Quality is assured with support for minimum sample weight according to USP chapter 41, Audit trail according FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and alibi memory.

    With a complete range of applications such as counting, density, animal weighing, percentage, check weighing, connectivity via RS232 or USB, plus optional Ethernet, WiFi and Bluetooth interfaces, there are no limits to the 520 PT.

    The 520 PT with its touch screen is the right choice for maximum user-friendliness and flexibility.

    520 PT Highlights

    • PHASTbloc™ technology inside: Precisa Hybrid Advanced Sensor Technology, combines the benefits of current weighing cells with monolithic design
    • Robust and durable design: Die-cast aluminium base and sturdy fibreglass-reinforced durable plastic upper part
    • Large 6.4” touch-sensitive user interface with 6 fixed keys: The colour logic displays all touchactive surfaces in blue. The high-resolution screen is UV, shock and scratch resistant, anti-reflective, approved to operate with standard laboratory gloves and frameless for perfect and easy cleaning.
    • Customisable user interface: Tailor the equipment to you, showing only the functions you need to maximise efficiency.
    • Improved digital filter: Eliminate external effects of environmental noise, as air turbulence and ground vibration while the Stability Indicator measures faults and negative influences of the environment with real-time stability prediction.
    • Electronic levelling: Assurance your balance is level at all times, with easy adjustment using a high-resolution visual levelling guide. The balance can be configured so that it can only be operated when level to ensure accurate results.
    • Area specific help: Simply touch the help icon and you are directed to the section specific to the function you are looking to perform.
    • Self calibration system, fully automatic (optional): Ensures maximum measuring accuracy.
    • Human interface device (HID): Allows the transfer of weight values directly to the PC without the need for any software.
    • USB (flash drive): Comes as standard for the transfer of weight values or reports to a PC if the balance is not already connected by WLAN or WiFi.



     Swiss made Units g, mg, ozt, lb, tael, etc.
    Colour touch screen Percent weighing
     Self-Calibration-System, fully automated (optional) Piece counting
     External Calibration (with calibration warning) Animal weighing
     Clock (GLP/GMP printout, auto-cal, etc.) Dynamic Difference Weighing (weighing on ship)
     Below balance weighing Free conversion, Area conversion
     Anti-theft protection (mechanical and code) Check weighing
    Easy alphanumeric input Net total application (Add up summation, Dosing)
    Direct tare and reference weight entry Statistics
    Identifier and label handling Recorder
     RS232 interface (PC / Printer) Density determination (liquids, solids, …)
     USB host (barcode, flash drive, …) Automatic Repeatability Test
     USB device (to PC)Minimum sample weight, USP Chapter 41
     Human Interface Device (to PC)
     EU/OIML type approval (on demand)
    Integrated Alibi Memory (as part of EU-Verification)
     Support IQ/OQ/PQ
    Integrated audit trail

    Features (on demand)

     Ethernet connection

    WiFi connection

     Bluetooth connection

     Touch-Less-Sensor (Draft shield, tare, print, …)

    External I/O (Tare, Print, …, Relais)

    Applications (on demand)

    Buoyancy error suppression technology (release code for report printout)


    ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeWeightLinearity
    PT 120A120g .0001g90mm6.6kg0.2mgGet a quote
    PT 220A220g .0001g90mm6.6kg0.2mgGet a quote
    PT 320M320g .001g120mm5.6kg1.5mgGet a quote
    PT 620M620g .001g120mm5.6kg1.5mgGet a quote
    PT 320C320g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg10 mgGet a quote
    PT 620C620g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg10 mgGet a quote
    PT 1200C1200g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg10 mgGet a quote
    PT 2200C2200g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg15mgGet a quote
    PT 3200C3200g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg15 mgGet a quote
    PT 4200C4200g .01g180 x 180mm5.6kg15 mgGet a quote
    PT 3200D3200g .1g200 x 200mm5.6kg0.1 gGet a quote
    PT 6200D6200g .1g200 x 200mm5.6kg0.1 gGet a quote
    PT 10200D10200g .1g200 x 200mm5.6kg0.15 gGet a quote
    PT 10200G10200g 1g200 x 200mm5.6kg0.5 gGet a quote
    EC-Verification and alibi memory according to 2014/31/EU by Precisa (initial verification)
    available only for balances with EC/OIML Type approval and SCS
    On Demand
    Protection IP65, protection against ingress of dust and low pressure water
    jets, fitted at factory, not all types available
    On Demand


    Specific AccessoriesPT
    Draft shield PB, short350-8742
    Animal weighing bowl complete for 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g balances350-8743
    Hook for weighing below the balance350-8744
    Density kit for 0.1mg balances, container size: Ø = 75mm, h = 100mm350-8740
    Density kit solids only (without glass body and hook) for 0.1mg balances, container size: Ø = 75mm, h = 100mm350-8741
    Glass body for density determination of liquids, V = 10cm3350-7054
    Downholder for samples with density < 1g/cm3350-7194
    Signal lamp, indicator with 3 lamps, green/red/yellow350-8734
    Horn for Signal lamp350-8533
    Carrying case 520350-8746
    Dust cover 520 for the whole balance, set of 5 pieces350-8745
    General AccessoriesPT
    Printer LP4024, 230V / 115V350-8391
    Paper roll for Printer LP4024, set of 4 pcs350-8392
    Ribbon for Printer LP4024PN 3953-013
    Carat bowl (for diamond weighing)350-8322
    Anti-theft cable350-8555
    Foot switch USB single for one function: tare, print, …350-8747
    Foot switch USB double for two functions: tare and print, tare and …350-8748
    External USV accu power pack for continuous operation350-8662
    Data cable DB9 m / RJ45 for balance used as reference balance350-8661
    Data cable DB9 m / DB9 f, length 1.5m, (to PC or Printer LP 4024)350-8672
    Data cable DB9 m / DB25 m, length 1.5m, (to printer)350-8673
    USB cable A-B, length 1.5m –