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    Series 365EM

    The top of the range Moisture Analyser from Precisa, the EM-120HR unit features readability of 0.1mg (0.0001g) and temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius as standard.

    A compact footprint & highly informative display and data retrieval, provides ease of use and simplicity in operation for all users of this equipment.


    • Large Graphical User Interface with options to change display to show method parameters, results and graphical representation of moisture loss over the run
    • Automatic Self Calibration System as standard
    • Extended method capacity with up to 100 methods able to store and recall through the intuitive menu screen
    • Advanced options include Wireless, Bluetooth and ethernet connectivity depending on customer requirements
    ModelCapacityReadabilityTemperature RangeNo. of MethodsPan SizeDimensionsWeight
    EM-120HR 124g .0001g 50-230°C 100 100 240*380*177 6.7 Get a quote
    Options 330XM
    Halogen heating system  standard
    Infrared  available
    Dark radiator heating system  available
    Accessories 330XM
    Aluminium dishes, (diameter 100mm), set of 80 pieces  350-2032
    Stainless steel sample dish, reusable, (diameter 100mm), 1 piece  330-2018
    Fibreglass filters, (diameter 90mm), set of 80 pieces  350-4130
    Temperature sensor plate, sensor type K  350-8580
     Temperature calibration kit, sensor type K, with certificate  350-8585
    Temperature calibration kit sensor type K, without certificate  350-8584
    Calibration weight, 50g, E2  350-8241
    Dust cover over display and keyboard  350-8590
    Dust filter – recommended where moisture analyser used in dusty environments  350-8687