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Series 320XB .01

Series 320 XBbb Precision balances with two place (0.01g) readability.  Featuring 4 models, the 320XB Series covers the range from 2.2Kg to 6.2Kg with readabilities of 0.01g.

Key features and specifications are:

  • Bright green Vacuum Fluorescent Display
  • Rugged and sturdy metal housing
  • Supplied with full plastic cover to prevent damage to balance keypad and components
  • External calibration option only
  • RS-232 Interface as standard
  • 170mm square pans
ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
XB2200C2200g .01g170*170210*340*914.515mgGet a quote
XB3200C3200g .01g170*170210*340*914.515mgGet a quote
XB4200C4200g .01g170*170210*340*914.515mgGet a quote
XB6200C6200g .01g170*170210*340*914.515mgGet a quote
Draft Shield 320XB, height 260mm for milligramme balances320-8504
Draft Shield Easy (glass with cover).350-8515
Hook for weighing below the balance350-8527
Glass body 10ccm for density determination of liquids350-7054
Downholder for samples with density <1g/cm3350-7194
Animal weighing bowl complete for 0.1g balances350-8550
Animal weighing bowl complete for 0.1g and 1 g balances350-8551
Diamond weighing pan350-8322
SP500 Printer supplied with cable and paper rollSP-500
Paper roll for Printer350-8366
Ribbon for Printer350-8367
Data cable RJ45 /DB9 Female 1.5m (PC)350-8557
Data cable RJ45 /DB9 Male 1.5m (Printer)350-8559
Cable for balance 320 used as reference balance350-8534
External USV accu power pack for continuous operation350-8662
Power supply/Adaptor with Euro plug for balances with IP65 protection (80V – 240V)350-8372
Dust cover 320 over display350-8590
Dust cover 320 for balance without draft shield350-8589
Night cover 320 for balances with draft shield350-4097
Night cover 320 for balance without draft shield350-4107
Anti-theft device350-8555
Night cover 320 for balance with draft shield350-4107