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Series 165 BJ

Everything you need in a compact precision balance.

  • Large weighing pan
  • Large liquid crystal display with backlight
  • Real time clock (date and time)
  • Acoustic signal for optimal user guidance
  • Comprehensive range of integrated application programmes:
    • Various weight units
    • Piece counting
    • Percentage weighing
    • Animal weighing
    • Statistic
    • Net total application
    • Density determination
  • RS232 interface to printer or PC
  • Simple operation via 5 button keyboard
  • Battery operation
  • Full range from 100g/0.001g readability to 12,100g/1g readability
ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
BJ100M102g .001g100180*260*901.40.002gGet a quote
BJ410C410g .01g135*135180*260*901.40.02gGet a quote
BJ610C610g .01g135*135180*260*901.40.02gGet a quote
BJ1000C1020g .01g135*135180*260*901.40.02gGet a quote
BJ1200C1200g .01g135*135180*260*901.40.02gGet a quote
BJ2200C2200g .01g135*135180*260*901.40.02gGet a quote
BJ2100D2100g .1g170*140180*260*901.40.2gGet a quote
BJ4100D4100g .1g170*140180*260*901.40.2gGet a quote
BJ6100D6100g .1g170*140180*260*901.40.2gGet a quote
BJ8100D8100g .1g170*140180*260*901.40.2gGet a quote
BJ6100G6100g 1g170*140180*260*901.42gGet a quote
BJ12100G12100g 1g170*140180*260*901.42gGet a quote
Options165 BJ
Density application350-8632
Battery operation with 9V alkaline batterystandard
Accessories165 BJ
Hook for the weighing below the balance350-8561
Cable for balance 165 used as reference balance350-8534
Dust cover 165 for the whole balance with retention ring (first time installation)350-8565
Dust cover for the whole balance350-8598
Density application350-8632