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prepASH Thermo Gravimetric Analyser

prepASH combining high performance, ease of operation, precision and integrity of measurement to maximise time more efficient use of time and accuracy/traceability in all measurements.

Combining furnace, high precision balance and automation, the prepASH Series enables a huge reduction in workload through the simultaneous analysis of moisture, ash and volatiles content for up to 29 samples

The three new models in the prepASH® 340 series represent the highest level of thermo-gravimetric analysis and offer a unique combination of important advantages:

Key Features

  • Up to 29 samples can be analysed simultaneously
  • Standalone control available to minimise benchspace and requirement for dedicated PC for control and data storage
  • A single unit which combines drying oven, dessicator, furnace & analytical balance to free up valuable benchspace
  • Dynamic measurement enabling early termination of run if weight loss ceases thus minimising run-times and reducing energy costs
  • Enhancing health and safety in the laboratory by minimising handling of hot samples and/or concentrated acids as part of the analysis cycle
  • Traceability and validation of results utilising the prepASH internal self-verification checks throughout the entire cycle
ModelCapacityReadabilityTemperature RangeNo. of MethodsPan SizeDimensionsWeight
prepASH229120g .0001gAmbient to 1100°CUnlimitedn/a620*590*870100Get a quote
prepASH219120g .0001gAmbient to 1100°CUnlimitedn/a620*590*870100Get a quote
prepASH212120g .0001gAmbient to 1100°CUnlimitedn/a620*590*870100Get a quote