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    The 321 Series Range of Stirrer Balances

    Precisa’s new Stirrer Balance combines the versatility of weighing and stirring together, with simultaneous weighing and stirring. The Stirrer Balance measures to 10 mg readability and up to a maximum weight of up to 6,200 g (model dependant) which is possible due to the newly developed magnetic stirrer that is integrated with the weighing pan. This combination ensures impeccable compliance with unparalled precision throughout the weighing range.
    Highest flexibility is assured with the variable stirring speed and performance. Settings up to 1000 rpm allow for smooth mixing, dilution, dissolving and emulsification procedures to be effortlessly run under defined and controllabe conditions.
    This Stirrer Balance can be controlled manually or over the interface by a PC allowing the unit to be integrated in automated systems.

    Examples of applications where the Stirrer Balance can be used include:

    Preparation of standard solutions, mixtures, dilutions, emulsions and suspensions.
    Dissolving of pigments/powders in aqueous solutions
    Mixing of solutions/mixtures
    Measurement of coating for spraying systems
    Production/bottling of suspensions
    Packaging of paint solutions
    & numerous other stirring and weighing applications


    Up to 6 Litre stirring volumes can be accommodated with 2 Litre, 4 Litre & 6 Litre solutions.

    Revolutions up to 1,000 revs/min control in 10rev steps

    ModelCapacityReadabilityPan SizeDimensionsWeightLinearity
    LS 220C-STB SCS 2200g .01g 190*190 228*381*99 6.3 15 Get a quote
    LX4200C-STB SCS 4200g .01g 190*190 228*381*99 6.3 15 Get a quote
    LS4200C-STB SCS 4200g .01g 190*190 228*381*99 6.3 15 Get a quote