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Precisa in the UK are part of the Techcomp Europe Group and operate from our newly refurbished facility near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Formed in 1982, Precisa is the exclusive distributor for the United Kingdom and Ireland for all Precisa Gravimetric products.

At the core of our UK business operation, is the co-operation with our sister Company Precisa Gravimetrics AG, located in Zurich, Switzerland.  Precisa AG have been manufacturing balances since 1935 with renowned Swiss quality and precision and are globally acknowledged as one of the leading balance manufacturing Companies.

Through the support of our Swiss Company, we sell, support and service all Precisa balances from our UK HQ.  To reduce product leadtime and delivery costs, we stock a wide range of balances in Scotland to enable quick and prompt delivery to customer sites around the UK & Ireland.  In addition to the support of Precisa balance sales, our engineers are also able to access to our Swiss R&D and Customer Service Centre for technical support and updates.

As of November 2018, we have had a change in legal entity to Edinburgh Instruments Limited trading as Precisa UK.


Precisa were accredited to UKAS in October 1992 for the calibration of non-automatic weighing machines up to 400kg capacity. In October 1999 we were accredited by Nmi (Netherlands) through ISO9001:2000 for the self verification of Class II and Class I weighing machines. ISO17025 for our UKAS system was gained in August of 2000.

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Techcomp Europe comprises a group of European companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of analytical systems, life science equipment and laboratory instruments with operations dating back to 1920.

Other members of our Group consist of Edinburgh Instruments – a leading photonics technology manufacturer, Froilabo – (with factories in France and Romania) specialising in Ultra Low Temperature technologies (Freezers, Climatic Cabinets etc.), Dynamica – (based in the UK) that supplies a wide range of analytical and laboratory instruments, SCION Instruments – a premium manufacturer of Gas Chromatography & GC-MS technology, Edinburgh Sensors – world’s leading manufacturers of gas detectors for cutting-edge gas sensing solutions & Isotopx – at the forefront of mass spectrometer design and innovation .