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Semi-micro balance

My balance is drifting, what checks can I make?

With the traditional British Summer, we occasionally do experience hot days and recently have had a few enquiries from customers regarding variable or fluctuating readings on their balances.  In one case, it was due to a customer’s colleague having adjusted the ‘blades’ on an air-conditioning unit which deflected the air directly onto the top of the balance pan.  As a result, the balance with no load on the pan was fluctuating by 3-4 decimal points.

Here are some things to try to check your balance as quick checks that you or your colleagues can make in the laboratory environment:

  • Has anything changed since the last time you used the balance?
  • Turn the balance off
  • Ensure the balance is still level and stable
  • Remove any equipment that might cause vibration on the same surface
  • Remove pan & pan support (check for any foreign material while it’s off) and replace
  • Power the balance back on and allow to warm up for 30 minutes.
  • Gently press directly on the pan to just over capacity (release as soon as the overload point is reached). Do this 2-3 times.
  • Turn off all air-conditioning in the room/closing any doors or windows that may create a draft.
  • Ensure the room is at a stable temperature.
  • If your unit has internal calibration option, tare the unit and afterwards run the Internal Calibration with any draft shield fully closed. Re-tare the unit.
  • If available, place your checkweight on the balance to check the reading and stability

If all else fails, please call our Service Team on 01908 211 900 and one of our team can arrange for an engineer to visit

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