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Laboratory balances

Are Dust Covers Important?

Cleaning and Maintaining your balance is most certainly important, but are dust covers really necessary to keep your balance clean?

Well, balance pans can be easily removed, washed and placed back with relative ease, the pan support can also be cleaned with careful removal. Doing this can help keep the pan clean and help to keep producing those positive results.

Mini ‘Draught Shields’ can also be washed and cleaned by using warm soapy water. By simply unscrewing the two screws you can carefully lift off the draft shield and wash it.

When it comes to the painted metal surface body, a non-abrasive cleaner would be the best option, if you don’t have one available a simple damp (not wet) cloth will do the trick.

So, are dust covers important? Well, yes, when it comes to prolonging the life of a keypad and keeping harmful chemicals off of the balance there is no better solution than a dust cover. Rather than having to take each of the individual parts off (some more difficult than others) and wash the body of the balance, a dust cover will protect the body and keep the keypad protected.

They’re easy to take off and easy to put on, they can also help prolong the life of the balance as well as it keep it clean.

If you would like a dust cover or even need to replace one whether the balance is young or old, contact us on 01908 211900 or email

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