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Loss on Ignition Calculation using Precisa’s prepASH. Suitable for Loss on Ignition in Cement, Organic Matter and Soil.

Application Note: Thermogravimetry for the Determination of the Loss on Ignition on Petrochemical Catalysts

The Loss on Ignition (LOI) is an important analytical parameter in the assay of petrochemical catalysts. The Loss on Ignitions of the “as is” sample has an impact on the net lot size. The LOI on the laboratory sample has an important influence on the final laboratory results, expressed on the calcined material.

This paper by Dr. Sc. Dirk Hofmans, Manager of Analytical Laboratory at Umicore, shows the excellent repeatability and precision of a Precisa prepASH automatic drying and ashing furnace for the determination of Loss on Ignition in petrochemical catalysts.

Homogeneity tests on original material show that this type of product is very homogeneous, so the total sample size for LOI on raw material can be reduced to quantities that can be handled in the prepASH furnace.

Repeatability tests on the laboratory samples show that the use of this furnace provides high quality results for less labour time.

The prepASH furnace is robust, easy to learn and provides a visual presentation of the process occurring in the sample, ensuring complete calcining.

Umicore will implement the use of this furnace for the “as is” sample and for the laboratory sample in the near future.

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Read the full paper: Thermogravimetry for the determination of the Loss on Ignition on Petrochemical Catalysts

Loss on Ignition using Precisa’s prepASH

If you have enjoyed reading about Dr. Sc. Dirk Hofmans work using Precisa’s prepASH for Loss on Ignition, and wish to try yourself, view our Thermogravimetric Analyser, the prepASH. For further information, please contact us and a member of our team will be delighted to assist.