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PHASTbloc 520 Balance

The Ecologic and Economic Benefits of a Hybrid Weighing Cell in Balances, Scales, and Industrial Applications

Not prominently visible, weighing cells are being used in a wide range of industries and working places. From being implemented in conveyor belt systems, industrial scales, or laboratory balances, the weighing cell is the most important component for precise mass determination. Read our latest white paper to learn more about the benefits of a hybrid weighing cell and Precisa’s PHASTbloc technology.

Scales for recycling. Why is weighing important for recycling. Discover more about recycling scales and view our recycling scales for sale in this article.

Scales for Recycling: The Use of Weighing Equipment in Recycling

Scales for recycling play a key role in our efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle our overall waste as much as possible. A sturdy, reliable recycling scale is at the core of any recycling facility and one of the many tools used throughout the industry. Read our latest blog to find out the role of weighing in recycling and to find out which Precisa scales are suitable for use as recycling scales.

Commercial Kitchen Scales suitable for busy hospitality environment available from Precisa. Enquire online today to get your commercial food scale.

Commercial Food Scales for Catering: The Importance of Precise Weighing in the Food Industry

Catering can be hectic but commercial food scales help keep things under control – weighing the ingredients ensures the food tastes good, conforms to portion control and guarantees the minimal amount of food is wasted. Precisa’s Series 490 Industrial Scale can be perfect for use as an industrial food scale. Discover how our Catering Scales can be of assistance in your work.