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Measure soil moisture content using precisa's soil moisture measuring instruments

Measure Soil Moisture Content using the Gravimetric Method

Determining social moisture content is essential in agriculture. Extreme amounts of or too little water content of soil negatively affects multiple soil functions. Such conditions, creates an unfavourable environment, lowering the number of microorganisms present in the soil.

Sewage Water Treatment Plant

Sewage Water Treatment and Measuring the Moisture Content of Sewage Sludge

Analysis of sewage water and its moisture content is a continuous, everyday task at sewage water treatment plants. Sludge analysis, specifically analysis of the moisture content of sludge, is key to ensuring the sludge has reached the suitable stage for use as a renewable soil compost. The sludge must have been sufficiently dried to obtain the nutrient-rich organic material within and ensure toxic impurities have been removed.

Hops Drying using a Hops Moisture Meter. Dry Hops with Precisa.

How to Dry Hops for Beer using a Hops Moisture Meter

Hops drying significantly impacts the flavour of beer. Discover How to Dry Hops and the role a Hops Moisture Meter plays in the process. At Precisa we have a range of moisture analysers suitable for hops testing. Discover online.